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  • Hot springs in India

“Often considered most under-valued elements in a traveler’s diary, hot springs are full of magic, adventure, and beauty. It’s time to check out the most prominent ones in India below.

Hot Springs in India - Often considered most under-valued elements in a traveler’s diary, hot springs are full of magic, adventure, and beauty. It’s time to check out the most prominent ones in India below.

Contrary to their western equals that are primarily meant for relaxation and natural loveliness, the natural miracles in India are popular as heritage sites with magical supremacies. They have always been linked with therapeutic miracles for centuries.

Abundant in minerals, these spring waters not only make for a tranquil escape but also come with lots of health and beauty benefits. Here are some of the best ones to visit India.


# Rajgir Hot Springs, Bihar

Also known as Brahmakund, Rajgir Hot Springs are thought to be not a single one but a mix of seven different streams. There is popular credence has their origin is somewhere in Saptaparni Caves in Vaibhavi hills. The hot springs are flown through pipes into two various bathing region – one each for the men and women. Due to its warm temperature, the Rajgir Hot Springs becomes a hot spot during winters.


# Tapovan Hot Springs, Uttarakhand

The gases coming out of the rocks near Joshimath are a clear sign that the Tapovan Hot Springs are very nearby. Once here, you might think taking a dip here might burn you. However, the temperature and water are actually very comforting, particularly if you have trekked your way here. And yet, the water is hot enough for you to boil some rice and eggs. The spring is directed through hot showers in a public bathing zone – for those who wish to seek the benefit from its therapeutic properties.


# Atri Hot Spring, Odisha

A perennial hot spring, located only 40 km from the Bhubaneshwar - Atri Hot Spring is very popular among the locals. The water temperature here stays typically around 50 degrees all-round the year. Apart from being a holy spot owing to the Hatakeshwar Temple in close proximity, the place has a scenic destination with banyan and peepal trees featuring in the background. The high sulfur element in water is known to carry medicinal properties to the spring. The Sankranti celebrations in the month of January present an exhilarating festive setting here. 


# Yumthang Hot Springs, Sikkim

The hot springs in Yumthang have an excellent remedy for different skin disorders. Indifference to its nearby sub-zero landscape, the warm 50-degree Celsius springs provide an unmatched respite to its visitors. Located just 130 km from Gangtok, a visit to Yumthang Hot Springs can get you an opportunity to enjoy three more – Reshi, Borang, and Rolang springs.


# Aravali Hot water Spring, Maharashtra

Aravali Hot Springs is a favorite tourist destination in the western part of India. Located near Ratnagiri in Maharashtra once can take a dip into the warmth of the babbling natural water spring in the two tanks near Gad River. When coming to Aravali Hot Springs, keep an eye out on the Mumbai-Goa highway for many such natural wonders– one popular one is Tural Springs.


# Chumathang Hot Spring, Ladakh

The Chumathang Hot spring in Ladakh is an ideal breakpoint when you are moving towards the high-altitude lake – Tso Moriri. The hot Sulphur springs are said to have medicinal properties that cure joint pains. There are bathrooms placed near the spring that allows people to enjoy its warmth – specifically if you have hiked your way here.


# Manikaran Hot Spring, Himachal Pradesh

An esteemed pilgrimage place for Hindus and Sikhs, Manikaran is located in the Parvati valley of Kullu district. It is 45 km from the main town of Kullu. The hot water springs are situated alongside the river Parvati, a major tributary of the river Beas, and span an area of 1.3 km. A large number of people visit Manikaran to take a dip in these hot waters, believed to be both holy and medicinally helpful. The water temperature of the springs here ranges between 65 °C to 80 °C. The water here hot enough that you can boil and cook vegetables, rice, and pulses.

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