Travelling Solo Here is How You can Cut Travel Costs

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Know expert tips and strategies for cutting travel costs when traveling solo in India. Learn how to save money on accommodation, transportation, dining, and activities to make your solo adventure budget-friendly and unforgettable experience. Know more

Travelling solo

Travelling Solo is one of its kind of experience that allows a person to explore his or her inner self. However, if high costs are stopping from this life-time excursion, here are some great tips on cutting travel costs.

There is no doubt that traveling solo has become quite popular these days but at the same time, it can’t be denied that finance comes out as the biggest bottleneck in such plans. This is because sharing with others allows people to share financial drain. However, if you’re high on your plan to travel solo, there are various things you can do. Keep reading below to know how you can make your solo travel a great one while saving a fortune.

Choose travel firms smartly Most of the travel firms and cruise lines are now embracing the concept and promoting solo travel. In some scenarios, they relinquish the single additions for a specific number of solo travelers (on a first-come, first-served basis). In other conditions, they’ll go for matchmakers so solo travelers can share a room and pay the lowest available rate.

Avoid single complements The feared single supplement is the biggest financial problem with solo travel. Tour operators promote rates based on double occupancy, so when a solo traveler registers, they’re often charged up to double the per-person rate. However, due to continued efforts, travel companies have started reducing or removing single supplements.

Book in advance The sooner you book, the better options you can get. Travel firms often carry limited discount points for sole travelers, and they sell out in no time.

Book last minute Otherwise, you can book last minute. It’s perilous, but if there’s any space left, they may be ready to give it to solo travelers without single supplements to make the most of the leftover spots.

Call and ask If you don’t come across an advertisement for a solo traveler discount, don’t lose hope. Just phone to ask for a deal. It’s never a bad idea to ask!

Travel during off-peak season The best way to seek discounts for solo travel discounts is during off-peak season. Tour companies are more willing to slash prices since they’re not as likely to fill up.

Booking accommodation Availing a dorm bed in a hostel is sure to give you the best rate as a solo traveler, but that’s not everybody’s cup of tea. For hotels, the cost of a room is a standard rate, with no thought given to the number of people occupying it. This integrally makes it costlier for solo travelers who aren’t sharing the cost with a friend or spouse. Here are some suggestions to keep the cost of accommodation reasonable:

Hostel private rooms Private rooms in hostels are often inexpensive than hotel rooms. Most hostel rooms have attached bathrooms, but there are also shared bathrooms that cost even less. Extra savings come can be done by compromising a kitchen.

Hotel single rooms A large number of hotels have started offering single rooms than ever before. It’s worth noticing, though well formed for efficiency, these rooms are very small and often without a window.

Capsule hotels Capsule hotels (which first introduced in Japan and are now emerging up elsewhere) are other instances of solo-traveler-friendly accommodation.

Transportation If you’re traveling with friends, then opt for a taxi or Uber might make logic. But on your own, you’ll save money booking shared vans or using public transportation. UberPool is also a great option if it’s available at your destination.

Activities To save money, you can choose to do activities where two-people minimum hasn’t met by the travel company. Have you ever thought of doing a free walking tour. You’ll meet other travelers and get a local inside story, plus some customized recommendations from your guide.

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