Great Places to Enjoy Winter Sun in India

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Explore the best places to enjoy winter sun in India. From the sandy beaches of Goa to the serene backwaters of Kerala, explore warm destinations perfect for a sunny winter getaway in India. Know more

Winters in India

In a country that remains hot for most of the year, the onset of winters brings along charm, delight and obviously amazement to the people. However, if you’re looking to soak up the winter sun in India, you can consider the following options.

In the winter season, when the air becomes chilly, there is nothing better than soaking up under the sun at an exotic place. You don’t need to spend a fortune to travel abroad as there are many places in India that enable you to enjoy the warmth of the sun right here.

So, let’s come along with see the destinations where you can choose to relax and soak the winter sun.


If you’re inclined towards exploring history, ruins, nature and a cool time with awesome food, this place has a lot to offer. Hampi, the world popular Unesco World Heritage Site, located on the southern side of Tungabhadra River, is just an overnight drive from Bengaluru. The most preferred way to see this place is on foot or on a bicycle. Some of the most picturesque and stunning views of nature can be experienced by crossing the river, riding through lush landscapes with the greenest sights. Places to Explore: There are many worthy places in Hampi including the Garuda Stone Chariot in Vittala Temple, Virupaksha Temple- the primitive site, Hampi Bazaar, and Sanapur Lake. The adventurers can take put bicycle on the boat and move to Monkey Temple across the river which is amazing in contrast with the temple on the side of Hampi Bazaar. Before you cross the river, don’t forget to experience the attractive, condensed cafes.

Hampi Temple



Admire tranquility combined with lush green hills, forests, coffee lands, and peaceful home stays as Coorg has its own charm that is sure to attract you. Giving an insight into the Kodagu culture, this is your place to unwind, and take endless walks amongst coffee plantations, waterfalls, and rustic landscapes. One would prefer to stay in the Pollibetta region, a bit unharmed, which is reachable from Virajpet and provides amazingly remarkable views, much different from the other side which is Madikeri. Things to Experience: Coorg is primarily about homestays, coffee estates, sipping coffee with black jaggery and Kodagu food. Don’t forget to discover a golf course.




If the distance is not a restriction for you, this natural beauty is worth exploring. Think of a distinctive landing experience just before you touch down supervising the beautiful rain forests, amid the vast span of azure sea embracing you with open arms; that’s Port Blair for you- the ideal weather during this time, tranquil seas, warm sun, sand, and sports activities to meet your adventure nerves. Travel with family or friends and explore all adjoining islands, such as Ross and Havelock. Traveling solo has its own perks; all you need is to rent a scooter.

Port Blair


Places to Explore

Walk from Aberdeen Bazaar to Corbyn’s Cove beach, indulge in some water sport or just zip away for a 2-hour ride to ChidiyaTapu& watch the sunset while riding along the beach. A 1.5km trek from Munda Pahar beach will let you get some of the most spectacular views. Other places to explore are Mount Harriet and Cellular Jail- it is sound and light show will give an understanding of history. For more adventure seekers, there are some uncharted islands like Cinque Island which can be discovered from ChidiyaTapu. Head to Havelock or Neil Island and relax at the beaches of Radhanagar, Kalapathar, and Vijaynagar or just snorkel at the Elephant Beach. There are large numbers of accommodations available around.

Aberdeen Bazaar to Corbyn’s Cove beach



offers a sense of distinctiveness along with rustic nature. This scenic hill station will surely take your breath away, predominantly the road travel with serpentine curves from Pune to Mahabaleshwar and those slender remote roads that make you want to live in the moment continually. The place is known for its strawberries that are grown and cultured in abundance. Pluck and taste some latest ones from the plantations along the way. Some great places to explore here are Mapro Garden, Venna Lake, Parsi Point to watch the sparkling backwaters of Dhom Dam- and the Krishna valley. In the second half, head to Table Land point, as sunset here is amazingly striking.

Mahabaleshwar Tourism

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