Top Places to Visit in Imphal

  • Cheirao Ching, Imphal

Imphal is the capital city of the northeastern state of Manipur, known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and vibrant history. 

Places to visit in Imphal:

Kangla Palace

Kangla Palace is one of the top tourist places in Imphal located beside the banks of river Imphal. This spot was believed to be the summer palace of the ex-rulers Meitei. While planning a visit to the Palace of Kangla, visitors should definitely check out one of the bustling markets in Imphal named ‘Khwairamband bazar’. The unique thing about this place is that it is owned and operated by women. It offers an excellent opportunity for a budget-conscious tourist to test their bargaining skills.

Kangla Fort

A historically significant palace or a fort known as Kangla is one of the best attractions you can visit while in Imphal. This archeological site though in ruins is filled with success and war stories. Plan a half day tour in Kangla Fort that comprises of pilgrimage sites, the main palace complex and the burial ground for the royal members.

Manipur Zoological Garden

Inside Manipur Zoological Garden, you can have a fun time during family holiday as it has a melange of things for all sorts of visitors. While here, you can see 400 beautiful animal species and some popular ones residing here are Slow Loris, Python, Himalayan Bear, Hoolock Gibbon, Leopard Cat and Flying Squirrel. You can also find Eld’s Deer, popularly known as Thamin and endangered species first found in Manipur itself.

Shri Govindajee Temple

Located near the royal palace, the Shri Govindajee Temple is one of the main places to visit in Manipur. The well contrasted golden twin-domed temple has been built in the Nagara style of architecture and is dedicated to Shri Govindajee, but houses the idols of several other Hindu deities including Lord Krishna, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram, Goddess Radha, Goddess Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra.

Loktak Lake

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Manipur, Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake in India. It is located at a distance of about 50 km from the capital city Imphal, in the valley of Imphal. The lake along with the Sendra Island, which is a floating island that is made of organic waste, presents unparalleled scenic beauty and is an absolute must-visit.

Imphal Valley

Imphal Valley, an oval shaped canyon, makes for a marvelous sight when you are visiting Manipur. It has been formed as a result of drainage of several little rivers draining their water here. These rivers largely originate from the surrounding hills and include rivers like, River Iril, Imphal, Khuga, Thoubal and Sekmai.

Shaheed Minar

This 11 m tall tower is situated in the centre of the Bir Tirkendrajit Park and is a memorial for those who died against the British while fighting in the Meitei Revolt in 1891.

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