Famous Handicrafts of India

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Indian handicrafts is an art of making crafts by hand in IndiaHere you can find great works by Indian artisans.

India is known for its rich culture and diverse heritage, and handicrafts are an integral part of it. Here are the top 5 places in India known for their unique handicrafts:

Jaipur, Rajasthan: Jaipur is known for its traditional art of block printing, handmade paper, blue pottery, and gemstone jewellery. The city is also famous for its textiles, including bandhani, a type of tie-dye fabric.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh: Agra is famous for its exquisite marble handicrafts, including inlaid tabletops, decorative pieces, and jewellery boxes. The city is also known for its leather goods, such as shoes, bags, and jackets.

Kutch, Gujarat: Kutch is famous for its colourful and intricate embroidery work, such as the famous Kutchi bandhani sarees. The region is also known for its leatherwork, beadwork, and silver jewellery.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: Varanasi is known for its Banarasi silk sarees, which are handwoven with intricate designs and gold or silver threads. The city is also famous for its brassware, ivory work, and stone carvings.

Kashmir: Kashmir is famous for its Pashmina shawls, which are made from the fine wool of the Pashmina goat. The region is also known for its intricate wood carvings, copperware, and paper mache products

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