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India is full of captivating and alluring destinations that give couples a chance to indulge in romance at the most enchanting resorts in India. Experience luxurious getaways perfect for couples, with stunning views, serene settings, and exquisite amenities designed to create unforgettable romantic experiences. Here are the most romantic resorts in India perfect for couples. 

India is full of captivating and alluring destinations that give couples a chance to indulge in each other like never before. Here are the most romantic resorts in India perfect for couples.

More often, we come to know that love is life and without it, life has no meaning. There are different types of love and the one between a man and a woman is always something special. In fact, romance is one of the most important elements of happiness in relationships.

It is like a fuel that keeps a relationship ignited. It keeps a relationship entertaining, exciting and valuable. Romantic gestures by your partner make you feel desired, loved and cared for, it reminds you that your partner has not only chosen you but wants to be with you, always.

Despite knowing this fact, we find it a difficult time for our partners. The hectic life schedule, heavy mental pressure, several obligations keep us so much engaged that we find it difficult to spare time for romance. Still, one should not lose hope and try his or her best and one you get a chance to be at a quixotic place, things tend to be quite easy.

For your convenience, here are some of the most romantic resorts in India you can consider for a romantic stay.

Butt’s Clermont Houseboats

Moored on the western ends of the famous Dal Lake, Butts Clermont Houseboats are known to have been built by Emperor Akbar and called the Garden of the Morning Breeze. You should be delighted to know they are only houseboats in the area that provide a private setting with breathtaking views of the stately Dal Lake. 

Both of you can spend hours together amidst unparalleled natural beauty while relaxing in the most picturesque setting. BCH has an extended range of International/Domestic clients including Ambassadors, heads of States, Noted personalities, Journalists, Members of International Organizations, Corporate honchos and discerning travelers from various nations.

The Windflower Resort & Spa

Located in the picturesque setting of ChinnaVeerampattinam, The Windflower Resort & Spa Pondicherry is floating between backwaters and shiny blue ocean. All the elements here work together to enable a scene that would encourage you to open up your romantic side. From strolling along the beach to playing with seashells, sitting on the verge of the horizon, and taking a romantic cruise, you’ll never fall short of options when it comes to enjoying some special time with your beloved partner. 
Some of the major features of this beautiful resort in the South are mesmerizing lake, private waterfalls, an infinity pool, and a rejuvenating spa. Among couples, it is touted as the most exhilarating resorts in South India. 



Situated very close to Mumbai In Lonavala, it is one of the most award-winning resorts in India. Not only the resort but the road trip down to it is filled with fun, excitant and of course love.  Rested 35 meters above the ground, this is basically a treehouse that takes you an altogether different world. 

All of its separate housings are hanging in the air, with captivating views of the surrounding hills and sophisticated bucolic interiors. Low on its carbon footprints, the resort gets most of its energy through solar and wind power. Isn’t this an exciting way to spend some quality time?


Ri Kynjai

Originally meaning Khasi, Ri Kynjai is a resort that belongs to another world for the couple who come here to soak themselves in untamed natural beauty and love. Overseeing the scenic Umiam Lake in Shillong, the resort an exclusive view of the natural bliss that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Drop-in here to stimulate your taste buds to original Khasi cuisine, revitalize with traditional spa handlings, and get inspired by the beauty of nature with your loved one by your side. If you’re willing to discover the surroundings nearby, trekking on verdant hills is always an option here.


Park Hyatt Resort and Spa

Distant from the buzzing mass, slipped away in Arrosim, South Goa, this luxury resort must be a part of your romantic itinerary. Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa is spread across a lush 45-acre property, with unhindered access to an unspoiled beach and all the prerequisites for a romantic and comfortable break.

Reaching out to the resort is an experience in itself. The 36-km journey from Goa Airport is full of rolling fields, snake turns, and coconut trees of Goa’s villages. Boasting of unique Indo-Portuguese architecture, there are a number of green retreats that make it the most romantic accommodation by the seaside.

Take a break from the mundane, come here with your partner, rejuvenate yourself from both outsides as well as inside, and most importantly do share your experiences with us.


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