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Best Places to Visit in South India, Known as the cradle of tradition or cultural abundance, South India has its own magic that makes it different from rest of the country. 

Best Places to Visit in South India - Known as the cradle of tradition or cultural abundance, South India has its own magic that makes it different from rest of the country. This might be the reason why it attracts millions of tourists from different parts of the world every year.

For tourists Southern part of India, which is comprised of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, is known to have an unmatched blend of vibrancy, culture, cuisine and people. The best part of this region that it would appear you completely different from rest of the country right from language to food. The region’s complex temple architecture, historical shells, palm fringed canals, religiousness and coastline will ensure a diverse and interesting trip.

Here are the top travel destinations of South India.

# Hampi, Karnataka

On historical front, this place has its own magnificence. Once the last capital of Vijayanagar, one of the most revered Hindu empires in India's history, it is a sight to behold. It has some amazinglyenchanting ruins, interestinglyintermixed with large boulders that extend all over the landscape. The ruins, which time back to the 14th century, expand for more than 25 kilometers and house more than 500 monuments.


# Backwaters in Kerala

The Kerala backwaters is the slightlyunattractive name awarded to the tranquil and serene palm-lined web of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals that extendlocal from the coast of Kerala, from Kochi (Cochin) to Kollam (Quilon). The foremost entry gateway, situated between Kochi and Kollam, is Alleppey. At the heart of the backwaters is enormousVembanad Lake.


# Madurai, Tamil Nadu

Similar to Varanasi in the North, Madurai is one of the historic cities of India. Nestled on the banks of Vaigai river in Tamil Nadu, the city is popular for its Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple. Besides being a wayfarer town, a great tourist destination, a cultural junction and the former capital of the Pandyan dynasty Madurai has secured a special place due to its food, cuisine, architecture, shopping and charming people.


# Pondicherry

You may get confused between India and France once you come Pondicherry. The French populated the place many years ago, but the glimpse of the past stillprevails in this union territory located 160 kms south of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The construction is French, the road signs are made in, a large number of people speak amazing French and a majority of local restaurants serve steak and wine! It is a great place for people to just relax, slow down002C and discover the meaning of life in this great place.


# Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore is known to have unmatched royal inheritance, with the city's major tourist attraction being the striking Mysore Palace. There are several other interesting buildings, palaces, and temples that are worth seeing. The World Heritage–listed palace here attracts a large number oftravelers, but Mysuru is also affluent in culture, with anintensely atmospheric marketareafilled with spice stores and incense stalls. Ashtanga yoga is another attraction of this place and there are variousrenowned schools that attract visitors from across the world.


# Badami, Karnataka

The heritage sites of Badami (earlierVatapi), Aihole and Pattadakal are a valuable side excursionnearHampi.Loaded with several monuments, ruins and temples from the erstwhile Chalukya empire, you’ll totally feel an altogether different world once here. If you’re fond of caves, you can’t choose to miss visiting this place in your life.


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