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Explore why Maharashtra should be your next travel destination with our top reasons guide. Primarily known for its shimmery Bollywood industry, Maharashtra is also a land of great warriors. Here are the top reasons why it is worth exploring the state. From stunning beaches and historic forts to vibrant cities and cultural festivals, explore what makes this Indian state a must-visit. Know more

Best of Maharashtra - India is known to be a land of distinctive cultures, languages, and traditions existing together harmonically. And when it comes to choosing one state where you can find a perfect confluence of all these elements, the state of Maharashtra tops the chart. A colorful state where prosperity reflects everywhere!

Though most of us know this state for its glamorous Bollywood industry, it is much more than Marine Drive and Goregaon. Here are the top reasons why you must pay a visit to Maharashtra during your next trip.


# The Coastline

The first and foremost, the western ghats of the state boast of an enchanting coastline that is full of mesmerizing beaches. Being located on the west coast of India, Maharashtra not only gets a suitable climate but also some of the most exciting beaches in the country. Take a bath in the sea or just relax on the sand, you just can’t have enough of the setting here. Some of the beaches that are worth exploring include Dapoli, Alibaug, Sindhdurg, Tarkarli, Kashid, and Dahanu.


# The food

Being a cosmopolitan state, the state features diverse culinary styles in almost every city. However, the local food is what you must give a try. From misal pav to pithy bhakri, from vada pav to puranpoli to pandhra and tambdarassa, there are lots of dishes that depict the local cuisine of Maharashtra so deliciously.


# Vineyards

In recent times, India has emerged out as a leading producer of wine. And Maharashtra plays a huge role in making this possible. Due to the favorable climate, the state is home to some of the country’s biggest vineyards. If you manage to spare some time, do visit the popular vineyards, Sula vineyard in Nashik, Chateau d'Or vineyard, and The Fratelli Wines vineyard in Motewadi.


# The Shopping

From Manish Malhotra to Sabyasachi, Mumbai is home to some of the best fashion designers in the country. And it would be a no surprise to you that Mumbai is a shopper’s paradise. Once here, you can choose to explore Lal Bahadur Shastri Road. Be it clothing, leather bags, footwear, or electronics, Maharashtra is a shopping hub for many folks.


# The Monuments

Maharashtra is home to some of the country’s magnificent structures like the Gateway of India, Agha Khan Palace, Ajanta-Ellora Caves, Sidhudurgh Fort, Lohagad Fort, Vijaydurg Fort and lots more. There is nothing better than witnessing the rich history and splendor of the country by visiting these monuments.


# Bollywood

Whether you love it or not, it is truly a hard job to ignore the magic the Bollywood industry has on the country’s population. From watching movie shootings to touring the Film City, you will find a nick of Bollywood in every corner of the state.


# The Monsoons

Though the sultry weather of Mumbai is famous worldwide, the monsoon season in the state is nothing less than heaven. The monsoon rain with its meager touch alters this land into a natural paradise. Starting from June and lasting till September, monsoon season in Maharashtra is worth the interval. The rainfall here differs by region and the climate becomes pleasant. The coastal belt gets (200cm) heaviest rains, while the central part of the state experiences little rains as it falls in the rain shadow region (50 cm). In spite of the frequent rains, a large number of travelers love to explore the nearby vicinities that become tremendously alluring in the monsoon time.


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