Discover a New Side of Goa by doing these Things, Hidden Jewels that don’t have a Magical Backdrop

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Explore the hidden gems of Goa beyond the typical tourist spots. Uncover a new side of Goa with unique experiences and offbeat activities that don't need a magical backdrop to shine. Essentially known for its quaint coastline, golden sand, and sparkling beaches, Goa has some hidden jewels that don’t have a magical backdrop. Experience now

Discover New side of Goa -

Essentially known for its quaint coastline, golden sand, and sparkling beaches, Goa has some hidden jewels that don’t have a magical backdrop. Below are some of the most striking things you can choose to do here other than relaxing at a beach For a great majority of people around the globe, Goa is synonymous to sun, sand, and beaches. But very few are aware that there is an unexplored side of Goa that is surely beyond beaches. From the erstwhile-era Portuguese buildings to living with a family, there are diverse things to do that would satiate every need of your travel to this pretty region. So, let’s start.


A heritage walk from the Pristine Latin Houses in Panjim area is surely a vibrant and exhilarating experience. While on the walk, take a peep into the related connections with the Portuguese, and explore the hidden aspects of Indo-Portuguese homes, unravel wishing wells, and unwind in old cafes and bakeries. If lucky, you can get a chance to see the Fresh Water springs, that is the reason behind the naming of this region – “Fontainhas” or the “Fountain of Phoenix”.



Whether you love spices or not, a spice tour here is something that you can’t choose to miss. The spice plantations are sure to delight your senses for long. You’ll feel enchanted and refreshed by seeing lush greenery with fresh spice pants nestling around. It’s not just for eye-balls but for your taste buds too as you can taste them as well. Moreover, the fantabulous fauns in the gardens are sure to make you spellbound.



One great treasure house not only surprises you with its looks but its belongings too. You can choose to see the various facets of Indo-Portuguese homes. Crafted by a local architect Gerard Da Cunha, the arts center exhibits the diverse traditions and popular patterns of the local architecture. And once you’re here, don’t forget to tour the friendly and nature-inspired schools built by the same architect.



Goa villages and towns are known to have their own signature celebration style. For example, the Touxeachem or the Cucumber festival here is worth to experience the ingenuity of this style.The fun ChikalKalo festival allows you to play with the mud and same is with Bonderam festival that takes place in an island off Goa. The Bonderam Festival has some really creative floats and games and you would love to be a part of that. Every month, Goa comes up with some festivals that you can choose to be a part of. To find this calendar of events, the best source is the Goa Tourism website.



There is an interesting story behind the popular Saturday night markets here. Almost a decade ago, a German cracked this idea and rented out the land to a Goan local and kicked-off this market. When the lease term finished, the man chose to retain the market but expelled the German. Not to mention, he began another market only to be thrown out again. The Saturday night market at Arpore is third in the list and it's surely a great success.



If you manage to get some time, plan your stay in one of the heritage homes that are the transformed version of Latin homes. Experience the true Portuguese style that is worth the money you put in. Believe me, they are nowhere less than hidden gems of Goa.

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