Best Backwaters & Places in Kerala that you Should Explore this Year

  • Backwaters in Kerala

Discover the Kerala's best backwaters and scenic destinations waiting to be explored this year. Immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of God's Own Country Kerala with our curated guide. Plan your perfect getaway and experience the magic of Kerala's serene landscapes and vibrant culture firsthand. Know more 

Best Backwaters in Kerala:

A large number of travelers from different parts of the globe are getting attracted to Kerala, which is popularly known for its amazing backwaters. But there is much beyond this, that is worth exploring like succulent landscapes, enchanting wildlife, tempting cuisine and undoubtedly the unmatched warmth of the Indian hospitality and delights that loiter long in the memory after you leave Kerala’s tropical shores.

Though some of you may find it a bit culturally overloaded, it is surely the most tempting and gratifying place you’ll ever visit. Frankly, laid back Kerala is one place that is miles away from the chaotic, noisy and buzzing streets of any metropolitan. 

While all the colors and mystery of India is discovered here in this tropical state also called ‘God’s Own Country,’ Kerala is quite distinct from the rest of India and backpacking Kerala is a cleaner, less rushed, and laid-back affair – an ideal, easy starter to the great land of India.

Below are the reasons to backpack Kerala


Ayurveda is known to be the eldest healthcare system in the world and features a thoughtful mix of both medicine and philosophy. And Kerala is the only place in the world that has a stronghold on that. Here, this 5000-year-old structure of healing continued to flourish over the centuries - thanks to the land's geographical remoteness. 

For years, Ayurveda was most preferred by the people as a leading option for healing almost every illness. The Vaidyas (conventional practitioners) – particularly the legendary Ashtavaidyas celebrated for their magical healing touch - portrayed an indispensable role in solidifying the tradition of Ayurveda in the State.



Whether you're searching for inner peace or just want to laze on some of India's most exhilarating seashores, you can choose to be in style without breaking the bank on Kerala's beautiful tropical beaches. 

Privileged bays, creeks, natural docks, coconut groves, amazing palms, and attractive landscapes – all of these intermingle to put the beaches here on the list of places to visit in Kerala that you just can’t afford to miss.



Cochin or Kochi, an amazing city carries great historical value to the state of Kerala. This was the place where spice trade started and went on to be commercialized first with the Arabs and then with the Chinese before the Europeans landed with their trade, cultural connections, and culture to this harbor on the Arabian Sea.



Considered as one of the most stupendous waterways in the world, the backwaters of Kerala are the most prominent attraction here. And sailing on a beautiful houseboat lets you experience the serenity of this place in the most remarkable manner.
Don’t forget to pass on the infrequent wave to the fishermen as they pass by in their small canoes and you will experience a feeling of serenity, peace, and beauty, being further enthralled by the nature and loveliness of these amazing waterways that are exclusive to this land.



Kerala local cuisine is found to be extremely assorted and different from the rest of the country and it boasts of tormenting flavors are sure to make you crave for more, long after you’ve landed back to your home. 

It can be said that it was the powerful fragrance of spices that lured traders centuries ago to Kerala. The same strong mixtures make the cuisine a pleasant enough reason to travel to this part of India now. So, imagine a substantial use of coconut, chili, and spices, in mouth-tingling local delicacies that vary greatly with region and community.


Experience tranquility at these stunning beaches of India

For most of us, India is a land of amazing culture and tradition but very few of us know, it also boasts of some of the great jewels of nature. From sky-reaching mountains to magnificent beaches, India is known to have a long coastline.

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