Planning for New Year celebrations in India? Check out these adventure filled destinations for you

  • New Year Celebrations in India

Explore on an adventure-filled New Year's celebration in India! Discover exciting destinations and plan your unforgettable journey with our guide to the best spots in India for ringing in the New Year with thrill and excitement. Know more

New Year Celebrations in India -

New Year is that time of year that everyone looks forward to. And celebrating it in a momentary way is a dream of many. If India is where you’re heading for, here are some exciting options you can choose to explore.

Are you ready to welcome 2020? What are your plans for New Year celebrations? There is nothing more fascinating than saying bid adieu to this year and welcoming the new with open arms. And when it comes to celebrating the moment in the most amazing way, exploring a scenic destination is the most sought-after choice of many.The chosen place should be like that where you can shout the New Year countdown along with your family or friends. This is one wonderful time of the year when one should get away from the commonness and enjoy a day or two at a fresh place with an infectious setting.

So, to help you celebrate this New Year with a bang, here are some of the most heart-throbbing destinations within India.


Now known to the world until a few years ago, the Chadar Trek in Ladakh is presently a hot favorite choice among core adventure enthusiasts. This is one of the dodgiest walks in the mountains. It literally makes you walk on a thin layer of ice as you expedite to discover frozen Zanskar River!Considered one of the most isolated areas on mountains, your route will rarely notice you come in contact with humanity. Apart from some dormant villages with residents dozing away the cold, your only support would be available in the form of fellow trekkers and forget about any. Not to mention, this excursion not only asks for high levels of physical endurance but heaps of mental determination as well.



Love beach action? Head towards South to get along with Gokarna’s beautiful waves that altogether present an unmatched experience. This is a place where you can choose to ride on the waves in a Baywatch-style action.In recent times, surfing has emerged out as a great adventure activity in India. Quite popular overseas, this adventure sport is rapidly making its way to Indian seashores. Gokarna is one of those places where you can enjoy at its best.



Escapades of the Piscean type is the key to success in the jungles of Mysore, where the Cauvery drifts through a celebrated countryside sanctified with nature’s abundances. Just think about brawling with a 40kg mahseer at the other side of your fishing boundary! Don’t get misled by the ostensible absence of action in angling, which primarily looks like an indolent boat rides out on the waters with a fishing rod in hand.Expert anglers suggest that there are few other involvements in the outdoors that allow you to live up the adrenaline rush than a big fish battling it out with you even while being bowed to the fishing line.



Rambling over an area of 430 sq km, Kaziranga National Park is the only natural abode to the striking one-horned Rhinos in the globe.Indulge in Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari which are the most preferred ways to explore and unfold the vigor and splendor of this sanctuary.The par has primarily three ranges – commonly reserved as the western, central and eastern ranges. The central range has a slightly higher mass of animals than the other two, and thus receives the greatest number of tourists. Also, it also pairs as the venue for the most enjoyable elephant safari – a must-do for a person visiting the park.



On a road trip from Ziro to Pasighat, you’re sure to get amazed by the scenic landscapes marked by forested peaks and picturesque tribal settings. For photography enthusiasts, it is like a dream come true as they can capture nature at its best.The road has guzzling River Siang on one side, landslide-prone hills on the other, and colorful trees on the left. A perfect setting for New Year bash!

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