Drinks that taste like heaven during winters in India

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“Winter season is that time of the year when food cravings extend like nothing else. As we strive to keep ourselves warm, these great drinks could serve the purpose of both taste and health.”

Top Winter Drinks in India - Winter season is that time of the year when food cravings extend like nothing else. As we strive to keep ourselves warm, these great drinks could serve the purpose of both taste and health.

The morning chill in the air is an indication that winters are set to come in very soon. And this is the time when we start finding ways to beat the chill in the air. Blankets and hot water baths might be wonderful options but the problem with them is that they can’t accompany you everywhere. So here is a fabulous way out. Indulge in these special winter drinks in India to keep you warm throughout.

People in diverse regions across India have their own unique winter beverages, recipes for which have been handed down over the generations.

Ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and peppercorns help produce heat in the body and are included generously to hot drinks in this winter season.

These mixtures not only help to warm the body, but they also help fight winter signs like cold, coughs and congested noses.


# Tulsi Tea

Uplifting and stimulating at the same time, this Indian basil tea, with its unique herbal inflections is a great cure for sore throat. While the anti-viral and soothing properties of tulsi are widespread, what makes this remedy super effective is the addition of lemon juice to tulsi tea for sore throat. All these elements in tulsi tea help to loosen the mucus, calm the throat and boost immunity with its anti-oxidant powers. Obviously, the mix of herbal and lemony flavors in Tulsi Tea is a killer combination!


# Mulled Wine

Mulled wine, also known as spiced wine, is a drink generally prepared with red wine along with different mulling spices and occasionally raisins. It is served hot or warm and is an alcoholic, though there are non-alcoholic forms of mulled wine. It is a conventional drink during winter, particularly around Christmas. The inclusion of spices, red wine, and citrus fruits makes Mulled wine a drink hard to beat the chill during the cold season.


# Jaggery Tea

Jaggery Tea is a soul-soothing drink that is perfect to have during winters. It is prepared by boiling palm jaggery with hand-ground spices like pepper and coriander seeds. Hints of cumin and an intense flavor of dried ginger add to the stimulating flavor of this drink, making it an ideal cuppa to sip on, when you are tired or down with cold.


# Noon Chai

Kashmiri Noon Chai is a typical Kashmiri tea prepared using special tea leaves. This tea is pink in color and gives a relaxing taste. It is made using easy ingredients like milk, cardamom, baking soda and does not need much effort. It has everything that can prepare you for the chilly winter season.

# Carrot and Beetroot Shorba

While Beetroot is high in nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron, folic acid, fiber and antioxidants, carrots are a wonderful source of vitamin A. Beetroot also has natural possessions of cleansing the kidneys and gall bladder. The stronger the orange hue of a carrot, the more is the beta carotene content. Carrot and Beetroot Shorba is great for children as it benefits their vision, skin and immune system. Carrot and Beetroot Shorba is great for winters as it not only keeps the body warm but healthy too.

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