5 Great unusual dishes of India that are worth indulging in

  • Unusual Dishes of India

Explore India's culinary diversity with our list of 5 great and unusual dishes that are worth indulging in. From unique flavours to traditional Indian recipes, these dishes promise an unforgettable adventure. Discover the unexpected and delight your taste buds with these dishes. Know more

Unsusual Dishes in India:

In a nation gripped with great food, and where every region prides itself for being able to boast of a range of amazing delicacies, it’s difficult to narrow the list down to just a few infrequent ones. However, we tried anyhow.

So, here’s a list of the five most unacquainted dishes you won’t come across anywhere excluding their native place.


Srinagar’s speared lamb kebabs popularly known as ‘Tujjis,’ are titillating, lenient, and remarkably consistent, regardless of the food joint you indulge in them, in the city. These meaty luxuries are usually served with a side of local bread called lavas and mint chutney. There’s a popular stall halfway down the Boulevard just short of the right turn into the Brein neighborhood known Challi Point. Arrive before dinner as it mostly runs out of food by the evening.



Sikkim’s hard-to-miss drink is tongba, a millet beer (also called chhang) which is enjoyed through a bamboo straw made from a wooden container. The container is occasionally leveled up with hot water, in order to intensify the potency of the drink, particularly to combat the chilly weather. It can be enjoyed at various places in Gangtok.



Near the Central Market in Kohima, the tribal people offer ‘edible’ items such as borol (wriggling hornet grubs). There are a number of photo-ops nearby. Naga food is majorly about testing with fresh tastes and, so, you should come with an open mind. You are likely to encounter smoked meats, fiery chilies, chicken and pork dishes seasoned with bamboo shoots and chutneys and curries boosted with enflamed soybean.



Red ants are considered here more than a painful irritation to the Bastar peoples. They also play an indispensable role in food and medicine. Villagers mesh them to prepare a paste that is further used to make a chutney known as chapura. Once the ants are captured, they are sent to the kitchen to be crumpled in a pestle and mortar with chili, ginger, and salt. The figures of ants contain formic acid are known to have useful medicinal qualities.


5.  Pandi Curry, Coorg

The locals in Coorgs are always found to have a special place in their hearts for t pork (pandi) and this is one the most prevalent dishes of the region. With a recipe conceded down from compeers, the most valuable ingredients in this curry are vinegar and lots of green chilies.

Food is in the heart of India and all states and regions of the country have various strange foods for your taste bud.

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