Winters in India Gets Sumptuous With these Great Seasonal Delicacies

  • Great Seasonal Delicacies in India

Discover the rich and flavourful world of Indian winter cuisine with our guide to the season's best and must-try delicacies. From warm, spiced beverages to hearty, traditional Indian dishes, explore how India celebrates winter through its sumptuous and diverse culinary offerings. Know more

Winter Seasonal Food in India

Winter seasonal food in India are amazing. The true grandeur of this historic nation shines in this pleasant season and what’s better than trying these winter foods of India to make it a bit tasteful.

The onset of the cool and pleasant winter season in India is a harbinger of those long sips of ginger tea, spending hours in quilts, and savoring mouth-watering delicacies. Being a nation of culture and tradition, there is a special category of foods that taste awesome during the winter season.
The unmatched diversity of foods in India is second to none and the winter season is the season when people choose to make the most of it by indulging in these winter foods of India. Let’s delve deeper by knowing them in detail below.



Sarson Ka Saag alias spicy mustard greens is basically a winter staple in Northern India. It’s typically served with Makki roti (a flatbread prepared with maize flour), a splotch of butter and considered a highly nutritious meal!

And it is not that you can only savor it in Punjab and nearby regions but today it is easily available in all leading restaurants of the country. So, you can always enjoy its rich taste with friends and family.



Pillowy bhaturas served with peppery chole fastened with wonderful gravy, selected onions, green chilies and a squish of chutney is the prototypical street food in winters. One could easily find a number of wayside stalls and al fresco shacks preparing piping hot bhaturas straight out of burning oil, and there’s almost always a crowd of patrons gathering to these.

Full of life, this recipe is not just a mid-way bit but a full-fledged meal and keeps you full of energy throughout the day. It’s a delicious and super-easy brunch.



Known by various names, Gajar ka halwa is another great sweet delicacy that is primarily enjoyed during winters.
In India, it is generally believed that gajar ka halwa was introduced in the country during the expansion of the Mughal Empire in 1526. During its expansion, the Mughal Empire came with international traders who imported captivating products such as carrot, but not any carrot: orange carrot! Yes, the only known carrot was elaborated at the time.

Gajar ka halwa is a dessert that is quite easy to prepare. This Indian carrot dessert is a bit sweet if not for the carrot that is naturally sweet. The sluggish cooking method just needs careful monitoring and continual mixing. This results in an awesome nutty taste when carrots are mixed with cashew nuts and cardamom.



Thukpa is basically a hot noodle soup preparing by mixing vegetables and/or chicken and is a perfect option in the cold climate of the northeastern Indo-Tibetan border region. It is quite famous in the States of Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. The vegetables used in the preparation are quite common such as mushrooms, cabbage, onion etc. Today, it is easily available in a number of roadside eateries in all cities.



Crispy golden jalebis brought straight out of a cauldron of hot sugar syrup are more than enticing! Cold wind mixed with the sugary taste takes you right into a heavenly ecstasy where one wishes to stay forever. Jalebi is served in almost all sweet shops this season.



Gushtaba is a great non-vegetarian Kashmiri delicacy. Tender meatballs cooked in tasty yogurt gravy. This traditional Kashmiri dish is quite prevalent in major ceremonies and celebrations. Gustaba is called by Muslims living in the Kashmiri region of India as The Dish of Kings. It is typically served as the final meat dish in a Wazwan Feast, just before the dessert. To refuse this dish means an insult to your hosts at the Feast.

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