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India has positioned itself as one of the prominent players in the global medical tourism sector. Thanks to advanced technology and an efficient workforce that play a vital role in this enhancement.

Indian Healhcare - In the past decade, India has positioned itself as one of the prominent players in the global medical tourism sector. Thanks to advanced technology and an efficient workforce that play a vital role in this enhancement. Once known for the ancient healthcare system of the world, Ayurveda, India has taken giant leaps in the healthcare industry by offering cost-effective medical procedures to patients all across the globe with impressive success rates. This is the reason why millions of tourists from different parts of the world come to this country to avail of low-cost medical care that makes no compromise on the quality.

There was a time when patients were used to traveling across the border for low-cost healthcare which has changed completely as the Indian healthcare system offers an all-inclusive package - Quality Treatment, Ease of Communiqué & Travel at the same time competitive pricing. India is known for offering Quality healthcare at “Affordable Healthcare”.

Some of the biggest factors that are behind this surge are:
Some of the factors that influence Medical Tourism are:

# Healthcare Quality:

With over 500+ Accredited Healthcare institutions (JCI & NABH) and the presence of world-class technologies, India now stands at par with any healthcare center in the Western world. Indian medical practitioners have earned an unmatched reputation for their fineness across the globe, one of the studies discloses that more than 10% of doctors practicing in the UK and USA belong to India. Apart from the easy availability of next-gen medical technology and world-class hospitals, most of the
medical care facilities and hospitals are supported by experienced and skilled Healthcare Professionals, who are well versed in providing the most advanced medical treatment procedures.


# Affordability:

Medical Travelers coming to India for Medical care can choose to save up to 50% of the cost which they used to spend while traveling to any developed western country to get the same kind of treatment.

# Competitive Medical Expenses:

The cost of treatment in India is nearly 40% less than that of any developed western nations without any compromise of treatment quality.

# Reasonable Cost of Living:

The cost of living in India is 66.54% lower than in the United States. The rent in India is 85.47% lower than in the United States. In most of the cases, the patient comes along with the attendant and might need to stay for extended periods of time both before and after the Medical treatment. Therefore, this is one of the critical factors which choosing a travel destination.


# Ease of Travel:

Medical VISA norms have been abridged to guarantee hassle-free VISA for Medical patients and their attendants. The Medical VISA offers various entries and extended stays for Medical Care. In addition, the government has recently come up with E-Medical VISA to provide unprecedented levels of ease to the patients.


# Ease of Communication:

India is known to be the second-largest English-speaking nations. Besides, there are large numbers of interpreters in the country that ensure smoother communication to Medical Travelers and attendants.

# Alternative Treatment:

India is also greatly known for providing alternative medicine such as Ayurveda and has a large number of acclaimed & accredited Wellness & Ayurveda Centers.

Top medical tourism destinations in India

# Chennai

Popularly called the healthcare capital of India, Chennai ranks top on the country’s medical tourism map. A large number of patients come here to avail of complex medical procedures like bone marrow transplants, cardiac bypasses, eye surgeries, hip replacements, and alternative medicine.

# Mumbai

Mumbai is becoming the rapidly growing medical tourism destination in India and boasts of a number of super-specialty hospitals, research and diagnostic centers for dentistry, orthopedic and weight loss surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and Ayurveda.

# Delhi-NCR

The entire Delhi-NCR region has a large number of world-class healthcare institutions that provide quality-led healthcare at the most competitive rates as compared to the western world. There are various prominent experts in the field of general surgery, eye surgery, heart care, and neurosurgery

# The road ahead

Despite the impressive growth of medical tourism in India, there are various things need urgent attention to fuel and support this growth. These are sluggish infrastructural development, public support, accreditations and promotions, insurance and associated services. These fences are delaying the full-fledged growth of the medical tourism industry. Because of the steadfast growth in healthcare facilities at medical institutions and a plethora of tourist
destinations, India is moving confidently on its path to becoming a global leader in healthcare.

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