10 facts about Tirupati Temple not known to many

  • Tirupati Temple

Uncover the mysteries of Tirupati Temple with these 10 surprising Interesting Facts About Tirupati Balaji unknown to people! Explore hidden legends, historical anecdotes, and spiritual insights that few have encountered. Delve into the lesser-known facets of one of India's most revered pilgrimage sites. India's most prominent temple, Tirupati Balaji is known to have many interesting facts that you should be aware of. Let’s get to know them below. 

Interesting Facts About Tirupati Balaji unknown to people:

Tirupati Temple

India's most prominent temple, Tirupati Balaji is known to have many interesting facts that you should be aware of. Let’s get to know them below:

Regarded as one of the wealthiest and revered shrines of India, Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam is much more than a pilgrimage site. Located on the Venkata Hill, which is a fragment of the famous Seshachalam Hills, Tirupati Temple is considered as one of the holiest shrines in the Hindu religion. According to a legend, Lord Vishnu presumed the form of Sri Venkateswara to safeguard mankind from the adversities of Kali Yuga.There are many legends linked with the emergence of this age-old temple. The larger than life idol of the primary deity is known to have emerged on its own, making it one of the eight ‘Swayambhu Kshetras’ (self-developed image) of Lord Vishnu.

Similarly, there are many amazing facts associated with this majestic temple. In the below post, they are explained one by one. So, let’s start.
Where is that unknown village? In order to perform the ceremonial adoration of the deities placed in the Tirupati Balaji Temple, the flowers, elucidated butter, milk, butter-milk, leaves, etc. are fetched from an unknown village located nearly 22 kilometers away from Tirupati. However, the said village has never been perceived or visited by any person except its own people.


Real hair of Balaji

The truth behind the smoother hairs of Lord Balaji entails a story. It is said that Lord Balaji, during his command on earth, lost some of his hair in an unknown misfortune. A Gandharva Princess, Neela Devi instantly came to know about this and cut a portion of her magnificent mane. She offered her chopped locks modestly to the deity and asked him to put them on his head. Happy with her devoutness, the god accepted the request and assured that whoever visits his shrine and sacrifices his/her hair at his feet will be blessed. Ever since it has been a tradition among devotees to shave their heads off here before or after their desires are pleased.


The alignment of the idol

The idol of Lord Tirupati Balaji may look standing in the center of the sanctum sanctorum, but theoretically, it is not like that. The idol is essentially put in the right-hand corner of the shrine.


Sea waves behind Lord Balaji's

Idol If you’re ever visited the temple you might have heard the sound of sea waves. But there is no sea nearby. That’s a secret. It is said that one could hear the sound of sea waves if he or she puts his/her ear on the back of the deity’s image placed in the shrine.

Always-on lamps The earthen lamps put before the idol in the sanctum sanctorum of the Tirupati Balaji Temple are always lightened. There are no dependable records about the exact time when these lamps were lit and by whom. All that is known is that they have been illuminated for long and will cease to do so.

Misty idol Due to an unknown reason, the back of the idol always remains humid, notwithstanding the priests striving to keep it dry.

Flowers offered to Lord comes out at Verpedu

As per the rule book, the temple priests do not toss the flowers offered to Lord Balaji during morning worship out of the GarbhaGudi or Sanctum Sanctorum. Hence, they are dropped into the waterfalls which stream behind the rear portion of the idol. The priests, however, abstain from looking at the backside of the holy deity for the rest of the day. Astonishingly, the cast-off flowers can be watched at a place called Yerpedu which is nearly 20 kilometers away from Tirupati.

Perspiring deity

Lord Balaji’s image is known to be made of stone, but it is fully filled with life and very much thriving. The idol of the holy deity upholds a temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit, even though the surroundings are cool due to the vertical position of the temple (3000 feet).


Idol endures sturdy chemical reaction

It has been proved scientifically that when camphor or green camphor (Pachai Karpooram) are applied on any stone, it causes cracks and crevices on the object. However, the idol of Shri Tirupati Balaji is resilient to the unstable chemical reactions of camphor, and features no marks, even though it stays muddy with the substance.

The God once appeared actually

In the 19th century India, the King of the region forced death sentence on twelve people for obliging a monstrous crime. Post-death, the body of the dead criminals were left hanging on the walls of the temple of Balaji. It is said that this was when the deity appeared himself.

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