Get to know everything about Dhyan Kutiya where PM Modi meditated on his visit to Kedarnath

  • Dhyan Kutiya

Discover where Prime Minister Modi sought spiritual solace during his visit to Kedarnath, a heaven. Delve into the depths of Dhyan Kutiya, the tranquil abode nestled amidst the Himalayas, and unravel the essence of meditation that permeates its surroundings. Explore its significance, history, and the profound impact it holds for visitors seeking inner peace and enlightenment.  Here is what you can refer to.

Did you notice the cave where PM Modi meditated on his visit to Kedarnath? If not, there are many like you who wanted to know everything about this mysterious cave. Here is what you can refer to. 

There is no doubt that India has some of the hidden places in its belly that are yet to be explored. One of them is “Dhyan Kutiya” which came into limelight when PM Modi meditated there for a while on his visit to Kedarnath. Million of people watched the PM doing meditation in this cave and since then it became an element of inquisitiveness among people. If you’re also planning to visit Kedarnath any sooner or later, don’t miss to visit this cave as it tends to give a sense of enlightenment and fulfillment to you.

The world-famous Badrinath Temple is still a major part of Indian culture and ethos. Hundreds of thousands of visitors come here to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, who is known to be the supreme deity here. Known by different names, Kedarnath is believed to be one of the most sacred places of God. 

Developed and maintained by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN), a government body which promotes tourism in the state, the cave - at an elevation of over 12,000 feet in the hills around the shrine – is made up of a small area with an attached bathroom and a window overseeing the main temple.

With the starter of this spiritual refuge, Char Dham Yatra has gained a lot of interest with an experience of earliest times where people used to live in caves. The only difference is you will have a basic facility to ensure an easy stay. So, if you can bring your own shawl, you can be ready to get an unmatched spiritual experience at Dhyan Kutiya. 


With a small zone featuring a single bed and an attached bathroom, the cave is situated at a height of 12000 feet in the hills. The cave also has an electricity connection but, in a bid, to disconnect one from the external world, there would be no internet. The cave also has a window from which one can behold the view of majestic beautiful Kedarnath Temple. And not to forget the striking views of the snow-clad highlands that can be savored from here.


In terms of price, you can choose to stay in the cave at just INR 990. Earlier, it was INR 3000 but it has recently reduced to INR 990 by the managing authority.Do note that only one person can enter the cave at one point in time. This is because meditation is a practice that is done in isolation, away from chaos. If you truly want to seek your inner self through meditation, this is the place you should plan to visit. 

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