Feel Rejuvenated at these 7 Most Luxurious Wellness Retreats in India

  • Luxurious Wellness Retreats in India

Explore ultimate relaxation and revitalization at the 7 most luxurious wellness retreats in India. Indulge in world-class spa treatments and serene environments designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Backed by a rich tradition of enriching yoga and Ayurveda. Explore these exclusive sanctuaries for a transformative wellness experience during India trip. Know more

Welness Centre in India:

In today’s fast-paced urban setting, there is nothing better than finding solace in one of the best wellness retreats of India. Here are the best ones. Backed by a rich tradition of enriching yoga and Ayurveda, India has long been considered a destination for wellness and healing. From the lush green landscape of Uttarakhand to majestic beaches of Kerala, there are numerous avenues in India that let you the best treatment of your soul and health.

As life is becoming more and more hectic for today’s population, there is a strong need for peace and serenity. This is where these retreats give them a wonderful opportunity to refill their souls with much-needed vigor and energy that they need to deal with life’s regular challenges and health problems.

So, let’s look at them below: 


Vana Retreat is considered one of the most striking and best-maintained wellness retreats that are located amidst the natural abundance. Here you can get to experience all forms of rejuvenation from mental, physical to emotional and spiritual. Their wellness practices are based on Ayurveda, Yoga, Natural Therapies, Fitness, Aqua, and Spa.

The retreat follows a special concept of Sowa Rigpa, which is basically a Tibetan way of healing which has its origins in Buddhism. Spread over the area of 21-acre, the facility is situated in the hills and provides a holistic healing experience. 



Located at OM Beach at Gokarna in Karnataka, SwaSwara is an ultra-luxurious wellness resort widely known for its amazing rejuvenation therapies. SwaSwara is basically a mix of two Sanskrit words – swa and swara. Swa means self and swara refers to sound. The resort has a specialization in Residence programme where artists are used to sharing their skills with the guests, enabling healing and creativity a part of their daily routine. 

The villa provides a private courtyard, a poolside private lounge, a yoga platform on the top of the room and an open courtyard bathroom, lodging a private area of 2000 sq ft.



Based on a unique concept, Soul & Surf doesn’t follow typical wellness practices. Much closer to its name, the retreat allows its visitors to rejuvenate their soul while surfing the waves. You can uplift your health quotient here by overlooking the playful waves of the Arabian Sea. 

Soul & Surf India is the brainchild of Ed and Sophie, who pursued their dreams and created a place to call home after their world trip. From the bouquet of tropical garden-grown blooms on the bedside to Ed’s inspirational creation that decorates the walls of this colonial-style villa, the passion is intense.



Located near Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu, Isha Yoga Centre is a place like no other. Full of spiritualism and natural beauty, this yogic avenue promotes the concept of healthier and happier living. Their wellness practices are based on a fixed life routine that fosters the overall mental and physical wellbeing of a person. From a wide range of Yoga and Ayurveda treatments to mind-soothing meditation techniques, one can expect to experience a positive change in all aspects of life after spending some time here.



Claimed to be the world’s first Ayurveda resort, Somatheeram is widely regarded as “The Ayurveda People”. The resort possesses unparalleled knowledge of the traditional Indian medical system. They have been carrying out Ayurvedic treatments for over 30-years now and their popularity has only risen over time. They offer a wide range of therapies and treatments along with yoga and meditation sessions and an Ayurvedic vegetarian food regime for a complete healing program. Somatheeram also features day trip packages for those who wish to discover the local sights.



A contemporary Ayurveda retreat located away from the urban settings of Trivandrum, on the banks of the river Attingal Aaru, near Varkala in Kerala. It offers custom-made wellness experience that helps an individual revitalize from within, through ancient traditional therapies in a modernized set. Mekosha is the first of its kind, an all-suites boutique avenue, with each of its 11 spa suites providing a unified private treatment room with a closed balcony overseeing the pool.



For those who wish to refill their senses with fresh energy and vigor, Niraamaya Retreat is the most sought-after destination. Boasting of luxurious cottages and spa treatment sessions, their concept of holistic wellness is truly a class apart. They have a full-fledged team of yoga, Ayurveda and fitness experts who work in tandem to provide an integrated wellness experience to visitors. 

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