The best travel resolutions for 2024

  • Best Travel Resolutions

Explore the best travel resolutions for 2024! From exploring new destinations and embracing sustainable travel to enriching cultural experiences and prioritizing wellness, make this year's journeys unforgettable. Start planning your ultimate adventures now for trip to and within India. Know more

As the New Year is all set to be in, it’s time to embrace travel like never before. Check out these hot favorite travel resolutions for 2024 that promise to nudge each of us.

The annual tradition of browsing through year’s must-take visits stimulates our imagination and strengthens dreams of escapade. This exercise, inherently confident, inspires defining meanings and working toward objectives. It’s in that soul that we share this list of new year’s resolutions aimed to push each of us towards more meaningful and delightful travel.

Because if 2023 unraveled something, it’s that sustainability lies on each of our shoulders. We comprehend, now more than ever, that a promise to safeguarding our planet and its populations isn’t supported by a government, world leader or corporation – it needs to be done by us all. Let’s yoke this awareness into fluctuating the way we communicate and move through this pretty world.


1. Make the most of the long weekends of 2024

The first and the foremost, plan in advance so as to make the best of long-weekends down the line. Make a note in your calendars, study your destinations and book your tickets. Initial bookings promise you savings. With a solid travel plan in place, you will have something to look forward to every month-making your timely routine so unmatched fun.


2. Revisit a place to discover a treasure

In everyone’s life, there are a few places that they would love to visit again. Why not revisit them to discover something new that you were not able to do last time. Visit the same place this year to discover it in depth. There are always concealed corners that you will stagger upon-enabling you to see the same old thing from different perspectives.


3. Get to know some local phrases

This is truly a great activity. You can choose to spend some time with the local community. Talk to them, get involved with the kids, share a meal or two and understand their local traditions. Along the way, learn a few commonly used phrases there that can help you make your way around in that region. The engagement with the locals is sure to make your travel more notable.


4. Get outside your comfort zone

Make 2021 a year to overcome your fears. Chose that one activity that you thought you could do but were frightened to. It could be paragliding or walking on a skywalk 70 floors above the ground or maybe, just sea surfing. Register for it and try it out. This is when you will come to know that the world is split wide open.


5. Make travel the reason to make a difference

Register for a volunteering project. A few weeks of the assignment will enable you to not just find a new place but also allow you to pay back to nature. Cheering the local artistes with your purchases or maintaining a place trash-free when you visit it are some other ways of an accountable journey.


6. Focus on fitness

Whether it is Yoga on the beach or a marathon through the city – choose a fitness schedule that fits you when on the move. Visit the local gyms or take part in sports activities. The fitness command will keep you high on energy and ready for any venture that your travel brings along the way.


7. Go on a social detox

Carry your mobile and other IT gadgets but don’t take them along every time you go out. Take a few days out in 2021 to do a social detox. Travel to a place with little or no digital inclusion so that you are compelled to be off your social channels. Choose to live the old-fashioned way where you enjoy first and share later.


8. Take a solo trip

If you wish to discover your inner self, there is nothing better than taking a solo trip. You will know your loves, aversions, fortes, and weaknesses. Most of the time you will be busy with your routine job, you won't spare enough time to know yourself in detail. Taking a solo trip will help you get your 'me time.


9. Explore the region on foot or a cycle

Wear those flat or hiking shoes and make your own try to explore a destination. If you enjoy a bit of pedal, it is better to go for a bicycle. Stop by at the local shops to take in the local vibe. Grab a meal or two from one of the roadside vendors. Discover hidden gems on the trail as you get into a conversation with the owners. Walking or a cycling tour allows you to see a lot of unobserved.


10. Spot a threatened species

Grab your binoculars and move to a nearby national park. Set out on your treks and safaris till you have dotted that one uncommon species whose very existence has been endangered! The journey that you commence is certain to present you with various mind-blowing encounters.

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